Will & Keri's Engagement Shoot

This was fun! Will contacted us a few weeks before his visit for an engagement shoot. Will and Keri drove out to Telluride from Missouri and Will is a planner. Keri had no idea Will was going to 'pop the question' nor that he had invited his and her parents to share in the joy and successfully secretly video tape the proposal from nearby.

I definitely give him props for this... kinda like how I am patting myself on the back for pulling off a surprise b-day party for my lovely wife, a couple of weeks ago, who happens to be one of the more social ladies in a small town. Tough to keep a secret when everyone's invited.

Anyway, Will, Keri and I cruised town, had fun and got some great images. It's just so classic in Telluride with the opportunity to always be unique. After shooting in town, we then hit the gondola to travel to 10,500 feet where their parents met us on top of the mountain. A little cooler this time of the year but a beautiful evening. They were a super fun couple and we hope to see them again!

Congrats Will and Keri!

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