Soiree Telluride is featured in the Telluride Daily Planet

Our good friend Wendy Jacobs was featured on the "Second Front Page" of the Telluride Daily Planet. They did a feature on her wedding planning business Soiree Telluride. Great article and we're psyched that they used a couple of our photos in the article. The photos were from Sarah and Chris's wedding last summer. It was an wonderful ceremony and party!

Here's the link to the article.

And here is a link to the Soiree Telluride site

Weddings are fun!

So we really do enjoy photographing weddings, getting to know new people and capturing one of the most special moments in ones life. We both feel fortunate to be such an integral part of such a monumental moment in a couple's life so we really do go the extra distance to provide a fun experience and insure we get the best photography possible. Here is the first shot in a series documenting Randy and Chris going the distance to capture the most unique moments of your special day! This was precarious.

Welcome to your world Iris!

As promised here is a couple of shots of newborn Iris. Nothing like a newborn! Two weeks early so it's amazing Chris got the day before in the prego stage, (see post below) and I got the 6 days into life. 

Congratulations to one of our favorite couples! Welcome to your world Iris!!!! 

DeVere's maternity photo shoot

I recently had the opportunity to photograph our good friend DeVere during her last day of pregnancy. Seriously, she went into labor the day after we shot these photos. Our friend Miki Harder invited us to shoot down on the river by her home south of Durango. It was a beautiful, tranquil spot that we all connected with. DeVere was a trooper walking down the mile long, loose, rocky trail down to the river. 

Randy came over from Telluride to photograph little Iris a few days after she was born. We will have those photos up very soon. Congratulations to Bill & DeVere on your new addition to an already beautiful family!

Will & Keri's Engagement Shoot

This was fun! Will contacted us a few weeks before his visit for an engagement shoot. Will and Keri drove out to Telluride from Missouri and Will is a planner. Keri had no idea Will was going to 'pop the question' nor that he had invited his and her parents to share in the joy and successfully secretly video tape the proposal from nearby.

I definitely give him props for this... kinda like how I am patting myself on the back for pulling off a surprise b-day party for my lovely wife, a couple of weeks ago, who happens to be one of the more social ladies in a small town. Tough to keep a secret when everyone's invited.

Anyway, Will, Keri and I cruised town, had fun and got some great images. It's just so classic in Telluride with the opportunity to always be unique. After shooting in town, we then hit the gondola to travel to 10,500 feet where their parents met us on top of the mountain. A little cooler this time of the year but a beautiful evening. They were a super fun couple and we hope to see them again!

Congrats Will and Keri!

Love stands test of time and other cool wedding records

We love to hear from our couples who are celebrating their anniversaries or the arrival of their first child. We also love reading about other couples who have been married for 40, 50, and 60 years but its even more incredible when you read about a couple who has been married for 86 years.

Yes, 86 years! Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of North Bern, N.C. hold the record for the world's longest marriage.  Married in 1924 Herbert and Zelmyra have enjoyed a lifetime together. To celebrate their life together they wanted to share advice with other couples. So earlier this year they set up a Twitter account and tweeted love advice between February 12 and Valentine's Day on their joint Twitter account, @longestmarried.  We are looking forward to more tweets from them in the future. To read the full article.

If you like this record you can also read about other marriage world records on Yahoo including biggest wedding cake, most expensive wedding, and the oldest couple to be married. 

We hope you enjoy!

Chelsea and Jonathon wedding

This past January, we had the opportunity to be part of a beautiful winter ceremony in Telluride. Chelsea and Jonathon were super fun couple from New York. The ceremony was at St Patrick's chapel which was followed by a precession down Colorado Ave led by a bagpiper. Everyone ended up at the New Sheridan for a cocktail party while we shot some fun photos of Chelsea and Jonathon on Colorado Ave. For the next leg of the journey, the whole wedding party took the gondola up to Mountain Village where a snow cat sled was waiting to take them up to Gorrono Ranch for the reception.
All in all, it was really fun time with a great group of people. Here's some pics!

Rocky Mountain Bride, Summer 2009 magazine feature!

We wanted to share a couple feature articles in Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. The first feature is about Telluride Ski Resort and their wedding venues. It is followed by a story of one our weddings from last year. The couple is Danielle and Carl, wonderful folks from Boulder, CO. The ceremony was up at the San Sofia overlook at Telluride Ski Resort and the reception was in Allreds.

The previous issue of Rocky Mountain Bride (Spring 2009) had another feature of one of our weddings but they haven't created a virtual version of it yet. When it comes out, we'll put it up!

Back behind the computer

We wrapped two fun weddings in January and are looking forward to posting them soon. Stay tuned!